“The impact of the skills gap is real, and it is substantial. ” 
The Manufacturing Institute 

Companies in every industry know the best employees understand how to engage with their coworkers, are proactive with their highly developed problem solving skills, and are effective and efficient communicators. Unfortunately, companies have also discovered that employees with these skills are difficult to find. Hiring staff without these skills leads to high turnover, lower productivity, and hurts the bottom line.

 “One dollar out of every three payroll dollars is LOST for good due to disengaged employees.” 
Fast Company

The solution? Bring our soft skills training to your team. LC Problem Solving Academy bridges the gap between education and industry by strengthening an individual’s leadership, problem solving, and soft skills. Our instructors bring decades of lean manufacturing experience to your organization through our onsite training programs. In each workshop we leverage proven training methods, industry specific examples, and hands on learning to draw the best out of your employees.

Our goal is to empower your team members to be more engaged with your organization, and therefore, more productive.


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